roster for dist. 62

We Want You
For District Service Work
Election Results
District committee member  (DCM)  is Sarah M.  DCM Alt Open
Secretary   John H.   Secretary Alt. Open
Treasurer   Mary W.  Treasurer Alt. Open
CPC. Alan R.    ALT.    John H.
Corrections  Bonny M.   Corrections Alt. Open
Literature   Jen S.   Literature Alt. Open
Treatment  Jim F.      ALT. Open
Bridging the Gap  Joe B.  ALT.   Erv B.
Public Information    Mark B.  P.I. Alt. Open
Grapevine   Don  I.   Grapevine Alt. Open
Answering Service  Tom W. Answering Serv. Alt. Open
Web Ad-min     Phil M.   Web Alt. Open
Archives    Tim M.  Archives Alt. Open
Accessibilities   Open
There are a few  Alt. positions open come to the next district meeting and get elected. Looking forward to see you at district.

Area Inventory:
Here it is .We have sent it out for translation into Spanish and Polish. They have started to contact the DCMs. In the area
At the Winter Assembly, We will have a package of 50 copies for each DCM, and a stack on the literature table for all that wish.
This is our FINAL VERSION. We hope to actively disperse and assist any with questions until the Spring Assembly Weekend. At which time our intention is to tabulate all the data and give a report with recommendations at the Summer Assembly. Please make copy’s and pass them out in your groups. get them to your GSR or send it to District. If you are technical savvy email it to .
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current survey 11-16-17